selective Tab choice in Seamonkey Browser

How to select tabs in seamonkey with CMD + Number hotkey like in Firefox-Browser?

After quite some time searching for appropriate addons or tweaks in the about:config of seamonkey I finally just copied the commands from firefox to seamonkey.

Because I had such struggle to get seamonkey to a state I prefer for everyday use I’ll give here my step-by-step workaround.

  1. Install Addon to simple change the hotkeys in seamonkey –> Dorando keyconfig
  2. Disable all ⌘1…8 (9) hotkeys in Dorando keyconfig (actually seamonkey uses only ⌘1, ⌘2, ⌘4, ⌘5 and ⌘9)
  3. Add new keys in Dorando keyconfig
    1. Name it as you prefer –> maybe: key_selectTab1
    2. Insert following code for Tab 1: gBrowser.selectTabAtIndex(0, event);
    3. Insert the appropriate key-combination! eg for Tab1 –> ⌘1
    4. Click –> Apply
    5. Do the same for all other keys you want to change. Just change the figure in the brackets of the code.
      1. gBrowser.selectTabAtIndex(0, event); = Tab1
      2. gBrowser.selectTabAtIndex(1, event); = Tab2
      3. gBrowser.selectTabAtIndex(2, event); = Tab3
      4. gBrowser.selectTabAtIndex(3, event); = Tab4…
  4. close the addon and use seamonkey tab hotkeys like in firefox!


Since some OS versions are no longer supported by popular browsers, seamonkey is one of the few last-resorts to surf the web in a proper way.


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